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The Operations Platform for
Medical Practices

    Connect your team. Empower your practice.

  1. Instant Messaging
  2. Compliance Modules & Training - HIPAA, OSHA, & More
  3. Task Reminders & Checklists
  4. Documents, Notes, & Policy Management
  5. Healthcare Community CRM

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Who is StaffApp MD For?


$0 - Free for Physician users
Connect with Physician Colleagues
Physician to Physician Secure Messaging - allow direct instant messaging from authorized colleagues
Efax, Secure Email, SMS, Portal
Connect with your practice team
Empower your staffF
Private Library
Document Management, Patient edu, CME's, Credentialing
Custom Modules- a la carte

Practice Managers & Practices

Free up to 2 users then $20 a month / user
Connect your team
Communicate directly with staff, vendors, and HCO's, at any location with instant messaging.
Efax, Secure Email, SMS, Portal
Empower your practice
Auto-assign task reminders
Ensure Compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, Facility Audits & More
Policy Management Software
Document Management Software
Training & quizes
Custom Modules & Interfaces-a la carte

Healthcare Organizations

(IPA's, Billing Company's, ACO's)
Free Trial then custom pricing
Connect your community
IPA's, ACO's, Healthplans, Billing Company's
Direct Connect with Practices
Create a competitive advantage for your network
Referral Management Module
Improve Quality, Patient Care, & Compliance
Custom Interfaces-a la carte


Instant Messaging

HIPAA Secure Instant Messaging: between you and your team & between your secure connections (anywhere). Save time communicating and kill the sticky notes.

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Information Library

All your practice info in one location. Quick access to documents, notes, policies & protocols, digital forms & logs, passwords, training, and more all in the practice Library.

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Task & Checklist Reminders

Daily...weekly...monthly...yearly reminders. Reminders of tasks, compliance, and training checklists are auto delivered to your staffs inbox.

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HIPAA Compliance, OSHA Compliance, Facility Audit Compliance & More. Automate your teams compliance with easy setup and on-going syncing with your practice policies, training, and documentation.

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HIPAA Compliant – Securely Connect with: Physicians / Other Practices, IPA’s, ACO’s, Vendors (your biller, accountant, attorney, janitor, IT support, etc…), & Healthplans

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Digital E-Faxing, Secure Email, EMR Document Integration, Timecard solution, Staff Scheduling, Real time Patient Tracking, Recruiting - Job posting & Resume's Module, Referral Management, Services & Products Marketplace and Inventory Module, & more features coming soon

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